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Artifactual History

Even #HurricaneIda couldn't stop the start of this collaborative effort. #FriendsSchoolBaltimore and #NannyJackAndCoLLC are collaborating on a groundbreaking new #UpperSchool senior history elective, #ArtifactualHistory, largely based off of my award winning book, #OldWestBaltimore.

The students, staff, and other faculty will be participating in an #ArtifactualJourney like no other with research, artifacts, analysis, and interpretation as they uncover Baltimore's #HarlemRenaissance.

A special thanks to Molly Smith (Upper School History Teacher who is co teaching this class with me & alumna from Class of 1982); Christine Pappas (Director of Alumni Relations & Engagement & alumna from class of 2001); Jocelyn Kehl (Director of Major and Planned Giving); Steve McManus (Upper School Principal) Renee Hall (Upper School Librarian) and Eleni Lampadarios (Upper School History Teacher).

Stay tuned for exciting updates on;; and the #ArtifactualJourneyPodcast.

As a proud alum, I can only wish that I had this opportunity back in the day.

With our first two classes completed, I'm thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, perspective, and interest the students have demonstrated.

Go Quakers!

#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

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