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HBCU Collected Treasures: Rev. Dr. William Charles Jason

HBCU: Historically Black College & University

#CabinetCard photograph of #RevDrJason taken by F.M. Bailey of #LimaNY

#WilliamCharlesJason (1859-1943), a noted minister and HBCU president, was born in #TrappeMaryland (#TalbotCounty) in 1859.

In 1895, he became the second president of the #StateCollegeForColoredStudents, which was renamed #DelawareStateCollege during Jason's tenure (now #DelawareStateUniversity), an HBCU in #DoverDelaware. He served the university in various capacities until 1942, a year before his death.

Dr. Jason truly believed in feeding the soil through his commitment to education, equality, and religion.

#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

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