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Images of America: Old West Baltimore & Philip J. Merrill Honored by Baltimore City Hist Society

I'm extremely humbled and honored by this recognition from the #BaltimoreCityHistoricalSociety. I never thought that many years ago when I was a board member that one day I would be receiving this important recognition.

Although I no longer live in Baltimore City, the legacy of the folks who survived and thrived in the #MonumentalCity remain front and center in my life. I'm constantly uncovering and documenting lesser known stories through artifacts, oral history, research, and interpretation.

I'm currently working on a project that you'll be hearing more about in the future that will shed more light upon the contributions from people of African descent to the history of Baltimore.

Please continue to follow,, Philip J. Merrill on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and the Nanny Jack TV with Philip J. Merrill YouTube Channel.

"I get tired of people talking about the Harlem Renaissance, because Baltimore had a renaissance too," Philip J. Merrill, from the article "Street of Dreams", Baltimore City Paper, February 2005

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