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Morgan State University

On a weekly basis, Morgan is in the news for some outstanding expansion that puts the university in the global limelight.

This is a recent donation & part of an expansive Morgan collection!

Pre Depression, this 1927-1928 #MorganCollegeCircular provided special courses for the leading teachers of the #BaltimoreColoredSchoolSystem.

Many of the instructors are more known for their positions at the various schools and not for their connection to Morgan.

Officers of Instruction included (to name a few)

#FrancisMWood, Director of Colored Schools

#GladysHDerry, Assistant Supervisor of Primary Grades

This brochure was printed by longtime African American printer

#JesseBClarke (February 22, 1886-May 1957)

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

Go Bears 🐻

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