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Morgan State University Bear Facts: Rev. Wesley J. Parker

Which image looks better-the original or colorized?

#NationalTrustForHistoricPreservation named Morgan State University a #NationalTreasure in 2016.

#RevWesleyJParker (c. 1828-1892)

Born in #ViennaMaryland (#DorchesterCountyMD), a historic Black enclave

Parker was one of the first 4 Black Board of Trustees members of the #CentenaryBiblicalInstitute (now #MorganStateUniversity) in 1873 when the school was located at #44SaratogaStreet, Baltimore MD. This was after their charter was amended in 1872 to allow Blacks to serve on the Board of Trustees. The other three were Rev. R. H. Robinson; Henry W. Martin, Esq.; and Rev. William Perkins.

H/T to Kate Clifford Larson and Courtney Wilson

Colorized courtesy of #MyHeritage and #DeOldify

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

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