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On This Date: United Negro College Fund Founded

#OTD- April 25, 1944

On this date in 1944, the United Negro College Fund was founded, which assisted Black students with attending and graduating from college. Today, this program continues to provide students with financial aid at historically Black colleges & universities (#HBCUs). In the past 78 years, the UNCF has helped more than 445,000 students.

1) Vernacular photograph of Mary McLeod Bethune and two unidentified people

2) Rare 1945 UNCF pin (the year after it was founded)

3) Ceremonial photograph from #TuskegeeUniversity. Frederick D. Patterson is on the right.

4) 1930 #LivingstoneCollege yearbook photo of William J. Trent, Jr.

All original items from the Nanny Jack & Co Archives

Colorized photos courtesy of #DeOldify

#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️

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