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On This Day: Million Man March

#MillionManMarch1995 (27 years ago)

On October 16, 1995, over 800,000 African American men and organizations from across the country, including local chapters of the NAACP, National African American Leadership Summit, and the Nation of Islam converged on the National Mall to address economic and social issues plaguing the African American community.

Notable speakers included #LouisFarrakhan, #BenjaminChavisJr, #MartinLutherKingIII, #MayaAngelou, and #RevJesseJacksonJr. Baltimore mayor #KurtSchmoke and #WashingtonDC mayor #MarionBarry also spoke.

This rare T shirt was created by #EthniciteesLLC, an African American apparel brand founded the year before the march in 1994. The company's pioneered the concept of #CulturalWearables. Yours truly was there and assisted Sean Ramon Montague in selling his shirt.

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

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