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Premiere of Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America

So this is happening

#MysteriesOfTheAbandoned #HiddenAmerica series premieres tonight, Nov. 10 at 8 PM EST on the #DiscoveryChannel and the #DiscoveryPlus app.

"Scattered across the United States are abandoned structures; forgotten ruins of the past, monuments to a bygone era. Each one shines a light on the story of this land and its people. These are the secrets of Hidden America."

You may or may not see yours truly in this episode but I will be in upcoming episodes, discussing abandoned treasures across America. The production team explained to me that there would be six episodes, each comprised of four segments or stories, for a total of 24. I filmed six segments, so that means I'll be in a quarter of the show.

This show will also air in the #UnitedKingdom. Thanks to #PastPreservers (my agent) and #LikeAShot (production company) for this wonderful opportunity.

If you watch tonight's episode, use the social media hashtags #MysteriesOfTheAbandoned #HiddenAmerica.

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