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The Legacy of Dr. George W. Kennard

704 & 706 Ensor Street (across from the #DunbarAthleticField)

Whenever I can lend a hand to help others out, it gives me a great deal of joy. But today, I'm lending a leg (a historic prosthetic leg, not my own 😂 😂 😂) to assist my good friend and colleague #RebeccaHoffberger with her final exhibit at the award winning, world famous American Visionary Art Museum.

The exhibit is titled, "Healing & The Art of Compassion (And the Lack Thereof!),” scheduled for October 9, 2021, to September 4, 2022. It will focus on the twin forces for creating “greater good” in society, healing and compassion.

The photograph of Dr. Kennard and the prosthetic leg will be a part of this groundbreaking exhibit.

Nanny Jack & Co, LLC contains the country's largest archive of Kennard's medical books, ephemera, three dimensional items, photographs, and research concerning Dr. George Whittington Kennard and his legacy as a pastor, medical doctor, spiritual healer, educator, Mason, and visionary.

Continue to follow to learn more about one of Baltimore's greatest treasures. Placing historic Black Baltimore on the map, one collection at a time!

#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

Kennard image colorized courtesy of #DeOldify and #MyHeritage

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