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Waters AME Church and Chick Webb

The church was established in 1843 and named for 4th AME Bishop, #BishopEdwardWaters. The congregation initially met in the living room of a house on #LowStreet.

#NegroHistoryDetective visited Baltimore and was caught up in the spirit of the 1939 funeral of legendary drummer William Henry Webb, otherwise known as #ChickWebb, held at this historic church.

Who's who in the entertainment world walked through those doors to pay homage to Webb and his pioneering career. The pastor who funeralized him was #RevHarveyEWalden.

Webb could not have had the infamous battle at the #Savoy in New York without his musical training in Baltimore.

When you see the red #NHD, get prepared to learn some fascinating Black history. Continue to follow to learn more about Historic Black East Baltimore Treasures.

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives

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